Sunday, December 14, 2014

Horror Story: A Nutella Edition

About half an hour ago, I needed to munch something but I was too lazy to cook. And since I need to get rid a few kilograms, most notably on my thighs, usually I avoid putting anything into my mouth after midnight. Emphasis on the word "usually".

If I were a shameless hussy, I would consider that as an euphemism.

BY THE WAY. So I rummaged through the kitchen looking for something to munch on and holla! there was a jar of Nutella sitting on top of the counter. I looked around for anything to spread the Nutella on, and all I could find were a few packets of Hup Seng cream crackers but I wasn't in the mood to eat Nutella with crackers. Suddenly, a brilliant idea came to me. If you're wondering, yes, brilliant ideas always came to me at 2AM in the mornings, which is why I seldom acted on them. 

So anywayyyy, back to my brilliant idea. So I was thinking to myself, heyyyy why don't I make a Nutella drink, something like hot chocolate, without the milk and without the 'cooking on the stove' parts because, you know, I'm too layyyy-zeeeee. So I just scooped a big scoop of Nutella out of the jar because my ass was greedy and added hot water into my mug. I took a sip and welllll......... tasted like shit.

Because it's been ingrained in me from the early age to finish everything on my plate (or mug, for that matter), I took a loooong breath and gulped everything down in one gulp. I don't think I can eat anything Nutella-related for some time after this

Now I'm hoping that I don't get diarrhoea or some shit tomorrow.

Because I'm feeling charitable since it's the Christmas season and all, I googled Nutella hot chocolate for all of you Nutella sickos.

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