Sunday, February 22, 2015

Hipster trip part numero uno

I have long believed that we Malaysians have always been fed with mediocrity and we fork an outrageously absurd amount of money to pay for that mediocrity. Over the time, that mediocrity has integrated so much into our lifestyles that we have accepted that as something akin to a norm. Most people are more taken with the hype surrounding a new thing instead of weighing in its quality. How many of us have stopped batting an eye when it comes to paying for an RM18 latte that is so average that even my clueless ass can come up with? Outrageous I tell you.

My recent trip to Jakarta reaffirmed that. Here's an obligatory gambar awan from tingkap kapal terbang.

Before I start, let me tell you something about me. I like coffee, but not take-lots-of-photos-and-post-them-on-Instagram kinda like coffee. I drink at least 4 or 5 cups of coffee everyday because I need lots of caffeine to get me through the day. I'm not a coffee snob, I never was choosy about my coffee, although I avoid certain brands and 3-in-1s sometimes. I like my coffee a bit bitter than most Malaysians do, but that's it. I like going to cafes in Klang Valley just to try things out, but due to the distance of my home and most cafes, and yes, my laziness, I never got to cafe-hop as much as I'd like to.

I did that in Jakarta, the cafe-hopping and oh God, it was an eye-opener. After my first sip of coffee in our first stop, Koultoura Coffee, I felt like I've been drinking liquefied turd in most cafes in Klang Valley. The difference was striking, even to someone as clueless as me. I'm making a list of all the cafes we went to in no particular order and I will try to write as much as I can about each cafe, so here we go.

Koultoura Coffee

We went to Koultoura straight from the airport and we managed to get there before the lunch crowd. Of all the cafes, I personally rank Koultoura the highest because; i) taro latte, which I discovered is my favouritest latte in the universe ii) friendly baristas, iii) free coffees because I'm a Malaysian, and Malaysians and free stuff ibarat isi dengan kuku.

That taro latte was mine, Filzah ordered cappuccino and espresso, and we shared that delicious egg on beef  and potato thing. I'm not good at waxing lyrical descriptions about food and beverages so you have to bear with me hahah. After that, we ordered piccolo and another espresso I think but I forgot to take a photo of them. Everything was soooo goooood but that taro latte was so exceptional, I dreamt about it sometimes. In case you coffee snobs want to know, Koultoura was using beans from Dutch Colony and house blend I don't know from which roaster. If you're going to Singapore, please please please buy some Dutch Colony beans for me. I can't stop thinking about those beans.

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I'll stop here and tell you about the coffee appreciation class I went to after this because I'm getting lazy.

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