Sunday, January 11, 2015


My Mom likes to talk. A lot. She smiles at and greets everyone who crosses her path. She doesn't like it when things get too quiet so she usually initiates the conversation in almost every situation. She gets her stories mixed up sometimes and forgets all sorts of shits, but hey, everyone does.

Like i said, my Mom is a talker and she has a habit of telling people pointless things just to fill up the silence. She is always conscious that people will make a comment on every action she takes, and as someone who doesn't give a lot of shit to other people, I do believe that she's just imagining things. Because she takes what people think of her quite seriously, she also has a habit of explaining things unnecessarily.

If you're my friend, you've heard of this story numerous times. My family and I went to Ipoh late last year and planned to have nasi ganja for lunch. Each of us had a big breakfast so the 7 of us shared 3 plates just to have a taste of what was it about this nasi that everyone was raving about it. While we were ordering, my Mom had to tell the mapley who took our order that we only wanted 3 plates because "pagi tadi masing-masing dah makan nasi lemak dengan roti bakar" because she was afraid that the mapley would think badly of us because we didn't had much. That mapley just looked at her strangely as if thinking, "இந்த பெண் என்ன பிரச்னை?"

Another example is when she buys a large amount of food, be it nasi lemak or tom yam or kailan ikan masin, etc etc everytime my relatives from kampung come to our house. She always tells people things like," Kakak saya tengah ada kat rumah ni dengan anak-anak dia itu yang saya beli 25 nasi lemak ni". I always told her that people don't care but yeah, you know lah like mom like daughter degil nak mati.

So anyway, I had to go to the office today (today is Saturday btw) and I bought 10 pieces of roti canai for my colleagues. When I was about to pay, I told the mapley who manned the cash counter, "oh saya masuk kerja hari ni jadi belikan untuk kawan kerja sekali". That mapley looked at me strangely and then just smiled.

Today I realised that I'm turning into my mother.


Ummi said...

Hahahaha! You cracked me up.

wani said...

Hahahah sedihnya dah tua.