Thursday, January 29, 2015

An Announcement, if You Please

I'm embarking on a ~hipster~ journey this Saturday, so please wait for un-funny pretentious posts after I come back.

Here's a hipster photo of my make-up bag as a teaser chewahhh poyo.

So that you can see my MUFE HD foundation and powder, my Tarte primer, and my Sephora eyeshadow and blusher because ~hipster~ . Am I doing this right? Hipsters like to brag, am I correct? That's why I didn't mention my RM20.90 NYX lipstick that you can clearly see in the photo in the previous sentence.

Oh here's another one.

Ahahahah even the photo just screams "HIPSTER!", you know, only the focus of the attention is clear and everything else is blurry? No? What do you mean, "no"?

Damn being hipster is hard.

Anywayyy, since ~hipsters~ only read critically-acclaimed, hard-to-understand books (it pains me to type that because I really love Hilary Mantel's books actually) so I was thinking of bringing these books with me. But after 2 minutes of entertaining that thought, I said screw this and then I saved a few Nora Roberts' and Neil Gaiman's e-books on my phone just because I felt like it.

Oh and then I tried to find a few obscure music acts to listen to while I'm there but after a while I caught myself saving all the songs from One Directions' album Four. Seriously, I didn't even notice I was doing that! It just happened. My playlist has this song though.

.....and all songs from So Long, See You Tomorrow because it's awesome.

And because I think I'm being a ~hipster~

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